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    Scriptius script builder provides the best choice in work automation and great time saving features.


    version 1.5.0 ( October 16, 2008 )

    Scriptius is designed for users who want to successfully automate operations on their computer. However, no prerequisite knowledge is required of programming languages or any programming skills. In order to achieve automation, just specify the sequence of commands to execute and the program will be ready. The number of available commands is constantly increasing, while advanced users can also add custom fragments of code to the script written in the open-source Gentee programming language. These combined operations make Scriptius a very flexible, powerful and scalable tool for automating routine operations. Scriptius will accelerate the productivity and efficiency of your work. The full version of the program allows you to create executable EXE files that do not require additional modules and can be run on other computers.

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    Freeware version

    Users can download a free version of Scriptius, although this version cannot create executable EXE files and has limited features. However, the free version is ideal for those who wish to test the program and, in many cases, may meet the basic requirements of certain users. To find out more, try the absolutely free version - Scriptius Free.